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Webmail Q & A

How do I use WebMail?
Visit and click the Check Your Email icon in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.  Then sign in using your Username and Password.  Your Username is the first part of your Cablevision of Marion County Internet Email address.  (For example:  If your Email address is, your Username is janesmith.)

How do I determine my WebMail password?
Use the same password you normally use for your regular Email.  If you don’t remember it, then call our Office.

Can I check my Email from both WebMail and my regular Email?
Yes—but there are certain guidelines:

  1. When you use WebMail first:  Don’t delete the Emails from your “Inbox."  This will allow you to still receive them on your regular Email account.

  2. When you use your regular Email first: Your Emails will all be “saved” onto your main computer.  WebMail will not be able to access them unless (when checking your Emails) you turn on the “leave copy on server” option of your regular Email account.

Does having files stored in my WebMail “Inbox” affect my storage capacity?
Yes. Storing files in your WebMail “Inbox” will affect your total amount of Email storage.  We recommend you clean out your WebMail “Inbox” periodically to better utilize your allotted space. 

How can I get WebMail?
As one of Cablevision’s High-Speed Internet subscribers, you will receive it free.