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Webmail Instructions

Web-based Email Portal


User Name

your complete email address, e.g., someone@lightningspeed.net


password assigned by FiberVisionFL

A web-based client can be used as your only access to email or you can use it as a temporary access while away from your usual computer.  Web-based email has no setup and offers few configuration options.  Web clients do not offer some of the features of a POP client like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

USAGE - Here's how to use the web client to access your email:

  • Open your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Netscape).  Enter the address of the web email portal: webmail.lightningspeed.net then click Go or hit the Enter key.

  • In the spaces provided, enter:

    • User Name - Your complete email address, e.g., yourname@lightningspeed.net

    • Password - Password assigned when you signed up for LightningSpeed Broadband. Your "password" can be obtained by calling (352) 854-0408 and asking for "Internet Support."  Click HERE for password guidelines.

  • Click OK