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Definition of Spam:  Unsolicited or undesired bulk Email. 

1.  Be sure your computer software is up-to-date and install a
     protective “firewall.” 
2.   Create two Email addresses--a primary and a secondary.  (It would be best if the secondary was established on one of the free Email services--ex: Hotmail, Yahoo or Netscape).  Give your primary address to friends and family.  Give your secondary address to everyone else.
3.   Don’t list your primary address on a Web Site. 
4.   Don’t post your primary address in public “areas” like chat rooms and bulletin boards. If you feel you must list an Email address, always use your secondary.
5.   Consider using your secondary address when signing up for mailing lists, surveys, “free” offers, or filling out forms.
6.   Be sure you inform friends and family not to share your Email address with others.
7.   Make your Email address hard to guess.  Don’t use common words or common names.
8.   Don’t reply to unsolicited Emails.  If you don’t trust the “source,” delete it without replying. (Click HERE for information regarding The Can Spam Act.)
9.   Check your “sent” messages regularly to be sure all those listed were actually sent by you. (A spammer might be using an open gateway on your computer.)
10.  If you continue to receive too much spam on your secondary address, simply change it.  You will continue to receive your most important Emails through your primary address.