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Email Q & A

How much space do I get for my Email account?
We provide 25MB per account. (If you need additional space, please call our Office.)  When your mailbox hits 25MB in size, you will not be able to receive any new Email until you delete some of your messages, or download them to your computer without leaving a copy on the server. The mail system will continue attempting to deliver your incoming Email for up to 72 hours from the time the first "over quota" message was received.  If after 72 hours your mailbox is still "over quota," all new and pending Emails will be rejected.  These Emails will be returned to the Sender as "Undeliverable." 

What is the limit for the size of files I can attach to my Email messages?
Before sending an Email message that contains a large attachment or many pictures, be sure the recipient can accept that message.  If your recipient’s Email box is not large enough, your message will be rejected and probably returned to you as “Undeliverable.”  Our current Email attachment limit is 10 MB. 

How do I verify someone has received my Email?
One of the features of  Email software is the “Read Receipt” function. This is a tangible acknowledgement that the Email you sent has been received by the recipient. When using  Outlook Express, you can attach a “Read Receipt” request to your Email by simply opening the Tools menu from your toolbar and selecting "Request Read Receipt."  When the recipient opens your Email, a pop-up message prompts him to do one of two things--either acknowledge the Email or not acknowledge it.  If he chooses acknowledgement, you will receive an automatic Email confirmation.  

If I obtain a user name that was used by a previous FiberVisionFL internet customer and continue to receive that person’s Email, what should I do?
Delete the Emails immediately.  If they become a nuisance, please call our Office and ask to speak to Internet Support. Or forward them to

How can I forward my Email to another address?

  1. Sign in to FiberVisionFL’s Webmail. Select Preferences from the left menu.

  2. Select Auto-Forward from the Preferences window.

  3. Select Yes for Enable Email Forwarding.

  4. To keep a copy of the message on the mail server in addition to forwarding it to another address, select Yes for Keep a local copy.

  5. Enter your email forwarding address in the Forwarding Email address field.

  6. Click Update to enable Email Forwarding.