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Whole House Maintenance Plans

We offer 2 types of Maintenance Plans. The choice is yours.

1.  Whole House Maintenance Plan covers your choice of Cable, High-Speed Internet, OR Digital
     Phone service calls.

Whole House
Maintenance PLUS Plan covers ALL our services—cable, high-speed internet, and
     digital phone service calls.
  • Our technicians will make service calls to your home free-of-charge.

  • Our technicians will provide continued education and information regarding the proper use of all equipment issued by our company. 

  • Our technicians will also assist you with education regarding the use of your auxiliary television and internet equipment—ex. VCR, DVD, computer, printer, scanner, and remotes. 

  • We will even install and hook-up new TV and internet equipment when you purchase it—TVs, VCRs, DVDs, computers, printers, scanners, etc. (some conditions apply).

  • Our technicians will repair cable that you the resident or homeowner has damaged as a result of gardening or general construction on your property.  (This does not include work done by contractors hired by you.)

  • Our technicians will repair all external wiring to the wall box or ground box as long as such has not been modified since the original installation by the cable company.

  • Our technicians will reconnect your cable, internet, or computer equipment accidentally disconnected by you or a friend.  We will also repair or replace cable damaged by your pet.

We do not cover repairs to any customer-owned equipment such as TVs, VCRs, DVDs, telephones, A/B switches, house amplifiers, computers, or computer-related equipment. We also don’t cover the following:

  • Installation charges for your initial Cable, High Speed Internet, or Digital Phone connection.

  • Damage done to the cable resulting from work done by contractors hired by you.

  • Charges for relocating cable or phone outlets to your home’s interior walls.

  • Charges for a “wall fish” connection.

  • Damage to equipment other than ours resulting from severe weather or lightning strikes.

  • Repair from or replacement of any installation or modification to our equipment or boxes made by other video services or internet providers, i.e., satellite dish companies.

Whole House Maintenance Plans Participation Form