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 DVR Troubleshooting

Why doesn't the set top box respond when I press the keys on my remote?
Make sure your remote is in the CABLE mode.  Press the CABLE button. Also check to be sure your remote contains the necessary battery.  And always aim the remote at the digital box NOT your television.

If the power goes out, do I need to reset Parental Locks, Purchase Pins, Favorite Channels, and Reminders?
No, these items will not be lost if the power goes out.

Why doesn't anything happen when the MENU button is pushed but I can change the channels up and down?
If the DVR was just installed, it can take approximately 15-30 minutes for the Interactive Guide to be downloaded.  If after that time nothing happens, unplug the terminal; plug it back in; and wait another 30 minutes.  If the information still does not appear, contact us at (352) 854-0408.

What do I do if I have no video, a snowy picture, or I cannot tune to any digital channel?
First: Make sure that all of your cable connections are secure.  Second: Be sure the TV is tuned to either Channel 3 or 4 (whichever the cable technician originally set up as your master digital channel).  Third: Make sure you are actually controlling the digital box with the digital box remote provided you by FiberVisionFL (not the one that came with your TV).  Fourth: Be sure you have active batteries in your remote.

Why won't my remote control respond when I press a button?
Go through the following checklist to determine the issue: Press the CABLE button on the remote to make sure it is in the CABLE mode.  Try using the remote again.  If the remote is not working, press the CHANNEL up or down buttons on the front of the DVR.  If the channels don't change, the batteries or the remote itself may need to be replaced.  Verify there are not obstructions and point the remote directly at the DVR front panel.  If there is still no response, call (352) 854-0408.

Why aren't there any listings in the Information Guide or the words "TO BE ANNOUNCED" appear in the listings screen?
This occurs when there has been a power failure or if the DVR has been unplugged.  Make sure everything is plugged in and running properly.  Wait 15-30 minutes as the channels and program data start to fill in.

Why doesn't my DVR turn on?
First: Make sure the power cord is connected to the back of the DVR and an AC outlet.  Unplug the DVR from the AC outlet; plug is back in; and PRESS the POWER button.  Second: If the DVR is connected to a switch outlet on another piece of equipment, make sure that equipment is on.  Third: Press the POWER button on the DVR front panel instead of the remote.  If the DVR turns on, then the remote or the batteries may need to be replaced.

Why isn't there any audio when viewing Cable Channels?
Verify that the MUTE button on the DVR and remote were not pressed.  Press MUTE on the remote to check.  If that doesn't work, verify that the MUTE button on the TV was not pressed.  Verify audio cables are connected securely to the DVR and other equipment.  If still unable to receive audio, call our office at (352)854-0408 for assistance.

Why isn't there any audio audio from the center and/or surround speakers of my home theater system connected to the DVR?
Not all Dolby Digital programs have full 5.1 surround sound.  Sometimes, the programs may only have left and right stereo audio.  Verify that the coaxial or optical cable is tightly connected to the DVR and the home theater receiver.  Verify that the home theater receiver is set to a surround sound mode (Dolby Digital, Pro Logic II or Pro Logic).  Verify that the receiver is properly configured to work with the connected speakers.

Why isn't there any video on the TV screen?
Verify that the TV is on and on either channel 3 or 4; that the DVR is on; that ALL the video cables between the DVR and the TV are tightly connected; that the coaxial cable is connected tightly to the DVR and the wall jack.  If the DVR is connected to a home theater unit, verify that the unit is on and set to the correct input source.  If the DVR is connected to a TV through the HDMI connection, turn off the TV and then turn off the DVR.  Wait a couple of seconds and turn both devices back on.

Not all HDTVs can display every output format (1080i, 720p, 480i, or 480p) available on the DVR.  To select a different format:
▪ Make sure that the DVR is plugged into a power outlet and is turned off.  Make sure TV is on.
▪ Press the MENU key on the front panel of the DVR (located on the DVR front panel display).
▪ Press the ARROW DOWN and ARROW UP keys to display the HDMI/YPbPr OUTPUT setting.
▪ Press the > key to cycle through the available output formats until a picture appears on the TV.

Why don't on-screen graphics or an Interactive Guide appear on my screen?
If you use the IEEE 1394 connection for on-screen graphics (including closed caption), no Interactive Guide will be displayed.  If possible, use HDMI or component video instead.

Why aren't Closed Captions displayed?
Verify on the User Settings Menu that Closed Captions are enabled on both your DVR and TV.  Click HERE for further details.