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DVR Features

The Status Bar - Provides a quick reference regarding the channel you're watching.  Press OK button once and use the
right arrow for the following information:

  • back to previous screen

  • to set up or cancel a recording

  • view upcoming time for current show (press button twice)

  • watch this channel or program

  • set current channel as a favorite channel

  • set or remove a parental lock

Record from the On-screen Programming Guide - Find, select and record the shows you like to watch.

  • Press the GUIDE button to display the on-screen Program Guide.

  • Use the 4 arrow keys surrounding OK on your remote to highlight the program you wish to record.

  • Press the RECORD button.  The Confirm Recording screen will appear.

Record While Watching a Show - Two favorite shows on at the same time?  No problem, simply record one while watching the other.

  • Press the RECORD button on your remote to begin recording at any time during the program.

  • A Confirm Recording screen will appear.  This will record the program from the time the channel is
    tuned in.

  • To stop recording, press the STOP button on the remote and follow the on-screen choices.

Record Two Live Shows at Once

  • Tune to the channel you wish to record.

  • Press the RECORD button to record the show you are watching.

  • Tune to the second program you wish to record.

  • Press the RECORD button to record the second show.

Record All season Long - Capture every episode of your favorite shows.

  • Go to the channel your show is on, press INFO.

  • Press RECORD button, then OK.

  • Scroll to RECORDING SETTING.  Press second button, then select SERIES choice.

Erasing Shows

  • Select MY DVR

  • Select PROGRAM

  • Go the X to delete

Viewing Saved Programs - Check to see the programs you have recorded.

  • Press LIST

  • Scroll down the list of shows you have recorded.

  • Press OK once you choose a show to watch, then press PLAY to watch.

Setting Reminders - Don't forget the shows you want to watch!

  • From a Program Information screen, highlight the icon from Quick Menu and press OK.  Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the reminder or Set Reminder Options.

  • Reminder Options - let you customize the frequency and timing for Reminders.  Use the <> buttons to set repeating Reminders that will appear Once, Once a Day, Once a Week, Mon-Fri or Sat-Sun.

  • Determine the Start Time for the Reminder to appear on the screen up to 15 minutes prior to program start.

  • Reminder End Time allows you to extend the reminder period past the end of the program up to 2 hours after the program is over.

  • When you set a Reminder, you have the option of bypassing Locks you placed on the program.   You can tune directly to the program from the Reminder without having to enter your locks PIN, if you have set one up.

Flip Bar - Allows you to see program information as you change channels.  Information on the Flip Bar includes program name, start and end time, channel, current time and brief program description.

  • Press CHAN (up or down) to change channels and see the Flip Bar on the screen.

  • When you find program you like, press OK to make the Flip Bar disappear.

  • To see the Flip Bar for the program you are watching, just press the INFO button on the remote.

Mini Guide - Allows you to watch TV and view program listings without having to leave the program you are watching or to have to go to full screen guide.  The Mini Guide is seen on the lower 1/3 of your TV screen and displays two channels and 90 minutes of listings at once.

  • To access, press the OK button on your remote.  Use the up or down arrows to see listings on other channels and the <> arrows to see listings at other times.  At anytime, press INFO to see more information about that program.

  • Guide Tip: Use the LOCK, FAV or INFO buttons on the remote to activate these features while using either the Flip Bar or Mini Guide.

Favorites - allows quick access to your favorite channels.

  • To add channels to your Favorites listing, select Setup from the Main Menu, select Favorite Setup, highlight a channel and press OK.  A "heart" indicator will appear next to the listing as a Favorite.

  • To remove a channel from your Favorites, highlight it in Favorite Setup and press OK.  The "heart" indicator will disappear and the channel will no longer be a Favorite.

  • Select Favorites from the Main Menu or "heart" from the Quick Menu to see a list of your Favorite Channels.

  • While you are in TV listings, press the FAV button on the remote to move the highlight to your next favorite channel.  While watching TV, press FAV to tune to your favorites.

One Touch Record

  • Press RECORD on the remote any time while watching TV or while navigating through the guide.  Recording begins immediately once you press RECORD for shows airing now.

  • You can automatically schedule recordings for programs starting at a later time or day by pressing RECORD while in the listings.  Recording will start at the show's scheduled start time.

Slow Motion - The DVR has Slow-forward and Slow-rewind functions.

  • To activate Slow-Forward, press PAUSE and then FAST FORWARD.

  • To use Slow-Rewind, press PAUSE and then REWIND.  To return to regular speed, press PLAY.

Instant Reply - You can go back to see the last scene of a movie or play of the game.

  • Press PAGE DOWN on the remote to replay the last 15 seconds.

  • Press PAGE DOWN repeatedly to keep going back in 15 second increments.

Get Back to Live TV - Whenever you pause or rewind a live program, the program continues to broadcast in real time.  To return to live programming, press the ARROW DOWN button.

Swap Between Two Programs - Because the DVR has 2 tuners, it can transfer data for the 2 programs at the same time - one on each tuner.  The SWAP feature lets you go back and forth between the 2 live shows.  The SWAP button has to be used to go back and forth, otherwise if you change channels without using the SWAP button, you will lose the data.