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Cablevision of Marion County

 Digital Cable


With Digital Cable, you'll receive 100s of clear digital channels, quality programming, dozens of music channels, and lots of premium and Pay-Per-View options.  We offer a large variety of programming packages designed to fit your budget and viewing habits.  And each package contains FREE HD.

Our HD-TV provides the following features:
  ▪ Pictures five times sharper than standard TV
  ▪ Widescreen format
  ▪ Crystal-clear pictures
  ▪ Enhanced color resolution
  ▪ Dolby 5.1 digital sound
  ▪ 1080p, 1080i where available
Exclusive news, information, & weather not available from other sources

We offer DVRs that allow you to record your favorite shows and play them back at your convenience.  And our Digital Cable includes these additional features:
  ▪ Closed Captioning
  ▪ SAP


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